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Is Your Logo professionally designed logo?

Could this be your company logo, lost in a sea of confusion?

I can’t tell you how many times I have intently looked at a logo on the side of a truck and not been able to figure out what company it was for. Unfortunately, this appears to be happening more frequently.

Through the ever-changing explosion of technology our everyday tasks have become easier to accomplish things that until recently we might only consider, if we even dared to consider them at all. One of the areas that the p.c. has impacted and changed forever is in the arena of printing.

People are buying computers loaded with every imaginable program, enabling the consumer to create their own multicolored logo, slapping it on a business card, announcing that they are open for business. The impact on the Graphic Design Industry has been phenomenal. Google “graphic Designer” and your search will return over 13 million pages! With such a glut of designers, people are shopping for the cheapest price point only, compromising quality and professionalism.

Consequently, there is a sea of logos roaming around on vehicles and plastered on billboards that are unrecognizable.  Unfortunately, these customers eventually realize too late that these newly-born artists have absolutely no training in the fine art of graphic communication and they have wasted their hard earned money.

In my earlier years, when I owned several commercial print shop, I would have clients observe the ease of which I create designs on the computer. Invariably, conversation would lead to them asking if they could do the same thing.  My standard response was that the equipment does not make the artist, it is the hard earned skill that comes from knowledge and the experience that makes the difference.

To further illustrate, let me ask you a question. If I purchased all the tools necessary to become a dentist; opened up an office, hung a neat looking sign created by a local sign shop; hired a great receptionist, one with customers skills, yet I never received the proper schooling, but I did read “Dentistry for Dummies Part 1,2 and 3.” Would you come to me for a bridge, Root Canal or even a cleaning?

Why not? I have all the tools don’t I? Look at this chrome drill thingie, and at this thing you spit into, what about this spiffy light? And look at my uniform, got it at a cheap price, swapped a guy a couple of programs for it, don’t I look professional enough?  What more do I need?

And yet, when it comes to the most important aspect of marketing our business we continuously put our trust in the hands of people that are no better qualified than the individual who “stayed at the Holiday Inn.”

You only get one shot at creating a favorable first impression!

Your logo creates that impression.  Skip on hiring a professional and you may present an unfavorable first impression with your prospective client.

Your logo is a visual representation of what you are as a business and organization. Your logo design should stand out in a sea of confusion. It always pays to invest in a professionally designed logo.