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how to Creating Pro Quality Logo Design

logo design strategy
logo design strategy

Logo design is as a quick and easy job;create a smallgraphic, stick it next to some text and the job is done! In realitythere’s a lot more to it, which makes the whole process of creating alogo or identity a challenging task. Let’s take a look at some of thegeneral rules of logo design, see what guidelines we should stick to inorder to build high quality logos, and see how they can all be put intopractice to create a logo design that works in the real world.

It’s easy listing out a bunch of logo design rules, but to make thispost a little more useful and insightful I decided to show I wouldimplement each pointer into a design of my own.I’ll not go into how the design was made as a step bystep tutorial, but instead I’ll try and give some behind the scenesinsight into my thoughts and ideas by showing how I have personallytranslated the advice from each rule or guideline into the final logodesign.

Aquestions for a good design, brief

A new logo design project for a client, one of thefirst steps will be gathering together all the information and knowledgeyou need about the client’s company, such as what they do, who theirtarget audience is, what their aims are and how they want to beperceived through their branding. Many designers use an online form toput forward a bunch of questions, while others might ask over atelephone call or by email. Whichever method you use, try to gather asmuch information as possible. The more information you have, the easierit will be to tailor a design specifically to your client’s needs, andmore importantly be able to accurately represent the company in logoformat.

Always begin with a sketch

the way to loosen up and quickly flesh out multipleideas onto paper as they pass through your brain. No doubt you’ll havedeveloped an initial idea from reading the design brief, now is yourchance to note it down along with other keywords, doodles,… ect.

Create the logo in vector format .cdr .ai .eps .svg .pdf

So you’ve chosen your design concept, you’ll be ready to begincrafting the digital logo file. Building a logo in vector format is oneof the most important rules designers should follow. Vector graphicsallow a design to be infinitely scaled to any size without losing anyquality, whereas raster images that are made up of pixels will distortand become blurred when the size is altered. A vector logo file can beused for any purpose, whether it’s for tiny use on a receipt, or as ahuge vinyl banner on the side of a building. Adobe Illustrator is theindustry standard vector editing application, with Ai, EPS and PDF filesbeing commonly accepted vector file types. Of course, your clientprobably won’t have the software to use this type of file, so you mightwant to render various sizes JPEG or PNGRaster images for every day use, andsupply the vector file for professional use.

your logo must balanced

you should aim to balance yourdesign with a suitable composition or structure. Logos that have two ormore elements should be laid out in harmony. The best way to do this isuse simple mathematics or to simply line things up

Use colour psychologyin your design

colors has a meaning and a personality, and that’s why selectingthe right logo color can make or break your business. Luckily, (yes, there’s actually science behind this).