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Company Logo getting noticed?

impression with your corporate logo
getting noticed?

3 seconds. What can you do in 3 seconds?

  • Bull rides are 8 seconds
  • You can stand in the painted area of a basketball court for only 3 seconds before it is considered a violation
  • You should have 3 seconds between you and the car ahead you, which gives you enough time and distance to respond to problems in the lane ahead of you
  • Apple is selling an iPad every three seconds
  • Just three seconds is the time it takes to make a decision

3 seconds is how long you have to make an impression with your corporate logo.

In our frantic-paced lives, the amount of time we have to determine our likes and dislikes is become increasingly shorter. From the time we rise to the time we lay our head on our pillow we are bombarded by 3000 ads a day. All with corporate logos placed strategically in them.

The next time you drive down the road, notice how many logos you see alongside the road. They are on:

  • Company signs
  • Billboards
  • banners
  • Buses
  • Autos
  • Corrugated signs
  • Logos are used to represent locations, ie: restrooms, airports, food, lodging, camping

And how long do you spend looking at these logos?

Logos are imprinted to our subconscious mind from the first time we lay eyes on a T.V. If you don’t agree, travel down the road with a 3 year-old child and see if he doesn’t recognize the McDonalds logo.

Webster’s dictionary writes that a logo is an identifying symbol. Logos are used to symbolize a name or trademark for a company. Most startup businesses think of a logo as something on their business card or website. However, a seasoned business owner understands that a logo is only one part of an overall image branding or corporate Marketing strategy.  Their newly designed logo will be used on such items as brochures, banners, websites, business cards, letterheads, envelopes, posters, pamphlets, flyers, etc.

Logos may be used in black and white, full-color process, spot color, eps, jpg, gif, or even tiff formats.  The logo size can vary from a ½” high to several feet across. This was the case for a 30’ wide by 60’ high 75th anniversary banner I created for the outside of Heinz Stadium, for the 75th anniversary of the Pittsburgh Steelers. All of these aspects must be taken into consideration when I begin developing a logo for a client.

So, you ask, what makes a good logo?

Logo Designs that are easily recognizable

In a short answer, simplicity. How does your logo measure up? Ask yourself these questions:

Does it have visibility?

Will your logo stand out if it is used in the different medias? Will it be visible from the street if it’s placed on the wall of the building? A good design will be immediately recognizable and memorable.

Is it adaptable?

adaptable logo stratigy

How well can the logo be used in a variety of applications? Does it fall apart at very large sizes? Is it too detailed to be greatly reduced? Consider ways it could be used on uniforms or signage. How does it look on the web?

Is it descriptive?

A logo should reveal something about the company or product it represents. This helps establish a connection with the viewer and helps convey the company’s main objectives to the target audience.

Is it Simple but effective?

Is the concept easy to identify? Show your proposed logo design to a friend or family member who is unfamiliar with the company the logo represents. See if he or she can identify and interpret the message.

Is It Timely?

Although many companies rework their logos about every five years, strive for a logo that will stand the test of time. If you follow current design trends too closely, the logo will look outdated in a year or two.

You only get one shot at creating a favorable first impression. Make it memorable.

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